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Perfect worth living workplace for self-employed, freelancer & artists

Do you want to swap daily jams on your way to any business park for a countryside outdoor workplace near to your home and free from noise and stress? Or would you like to expand your existing office capacities by another room - e.g. for customer pitches or for running a shop? Space only designed according to your demands and ideas?

We will design and furnish your tiny house as workplace - e.g. by cutting out sleeping area, kitchen or bathroom and replacing it by desks of shelves. Thus your tiny house becomes an architectural office, interactive agency, painting studio or any other work-related room.

For most frequently requested information on equipment and prices see bottom of that website or download here:

Due to all modern communication ports being available you will be able to carry out your work free from any restrictions. Tell us what your tiny office shall look like!


Ask for consulting on Tiny Houses as workplace!



Perfect Work-Life-Balance

Your workspace will be designed according to your demands - e.g. as office with desks, as meeting room, as artist´s workshop for painting, writing or making music.

Either the entire interior of your tiny house can be used or workspace will be combined with kitchen or bathroom. We will realize special demands e.g. for lighting concepts.


Open Space

for creative people and artists

Das Tiny House eignet sich für Anbieter etwa von Yoga-, Mal- oder Schreibkursen, als Studio für Physiotherapie oder als Musikzimmer.

In jedem Fall steht Ihnen die maximale Innenfläche zur Verfügung, die wir für Ihre Zwecke optimal gestalten. Ihr Tiny House bietet viel Raum - nutzen Sie ihn für Ihr kreatives Schaffen!


Storage Space

space-saving & smart solutions

Files, books, work tools or material for work will stored upwards, thus making sure that the entire inner surface of your tiny house can be used for other purposes.

We will install shelves or lockers right there, where you need them - alongside the walls and underneath the ceiling of your tiny house.

All information on features & prices of green-caravaning Tiny Homes

Tiny Houses - Information about standard equipment of Tiny House Type "Work"
 All about manufacturing, furnishing and equipment of our Tiny Houses.
Sewage:Kitchen and bathroom are connected and leading to a central point, which can be connected with the public waste water system.
Power Connection:A 220V or 380V power connection and heavy voltage connection is provided at the outside of the Tiny House.
Water Connection:Not included in standard equipment. Water supply and disposal connection is provided at the out side of the Tiny House. The entire pipe installation is inside the Tiny House and therefore protected against frost.
Construction:The body of the Tiny House is a stable wood construction protected by a winterized isolation. Interior panelling is made of brightly varnished nut boards. Flooring ist made of natural oak wood. The roof is sealed by welded bitumen felt, cased with metalsheets and can be used for various purposes (e.g. greening or solar systems).
Exterior:Lightning, power connection and outdoor shower are installed outside.
Overall dimensions:Small version: 7m x 3m x 3.6m. Large version: 8.5m x 3m x 3.6m. Individually required dimensions can be realized on request.
Bathroom:Bathroom is separated from the living area by a wooden wall with integrated sliding door. Equipment of bathroom:
(Not included in standard equipment, but available on request.) Shower: size 1x1 meters with folding door (different sizes on request), shower volve, supply pipe, disposal pipe, water-resistant wallpaper (design as requested).
Wash hand basin with single-handle faucet, water supply and disposal, small cabinet and storage.
Wall-mounted toilet with toilet tank.
Building Permit:Basically, no building permit is required for vehicles. Nevertheless, we are recommending to contact your local authorities. There is no binding regulation of Tiny Houses in existing zoning laws, as Tiny Houses nor are building, neither vehicles requiring registration.
Lightning:Several ceiling light spots are installed inside including an addition indirect lightning system in the bathroom. Two conical outdoor spots are installed outdoors. Living area, bathroom and exterior can be switched individually.

The size of the bed depends on your demands - from 0.90 x 2.00 meters to 2.00 x 2.00 meters. The bed frame is used for storage. Our prices do not include mattress, pillow and blanket.

Flooring:Indoor flooring is made of natural oak parquet.
Width:Interior width is 2.50 meters. Exterior width is 3 meters, allowing Tiny Houses to be moved on public roads. Tiny House length is available from 6 to 10 meters.
Brakes:The chassis offers parking brakes as standard. If requested, overrun brakes or pneumatic brakes can be installed.
Roof:The roof is sealed by welded bitumen felt, cased with metalsheets and can be used for various purposes (e.g. greening or solar systems). Advise: We recommend greening of the roof, which is of advantage for indoor climate. Rain drops are smoothly falling on a greened roof.
Gutter:Two water outlets from the flat roof are installed.
Drawbar:The drawbar is removable and can be stored underneath the Tiny House.
Fitted devices: (optional for Tiny House "Work")Not included in standard equipment, but available on requestt: refrigerator, cooktop, hot water heater. If requested, further equipment like oven, automatic dishwasher or TV set can be installed.
Entrance Area:A large lifting and sliding door (2.80 m x 2.00 m) is also used as entry door as well as access from the interior to the terrace. The door is installed including a usual cylindric looking system.
ElectricsAll electrical installations are similar to residential houses. Full electric cable systems, junction box with residual current device, Schuko sockets, light switches, empty conduit, sat and network cables.
Chassis:Our Tiny Houses are manufactured on a tailor-made chassis (steel), providing 2 axes and a drawbar.
Windows:We are installing high-quality wood-aluminium windows with wooden frame inside and aluminium frame outside (colours at choice). If preferred, we could also offer cheaper windows made from larch wood.
Manufacturing:The chassis for our Tiny Houses is produced by an established specialized company for boat trailer. The body of the Tiny House is produced by a Black Forest carpentry.
Wardrobe:6 pins for clothing and a cabinet (60x60x80 cm) are available underneath the wardrobe.
Heating:Our Tiny Houses are isolated and equipped with ultrared heating. If requested, the large Tiny House version can also be equipped with a woodstove.
Wooden Panel:The exterior facade is painted with a greying basalt glaze in order to to guarantee durability. Different colours are available on request.
Ultrared Heating:Heating has been installed space-savingly at the wall, provides 830 W and can be controlled by time switch. Tiny House type "Leisure" offers a frameless, round heating of 2 x 400 W at the ceiling.
Interior Equipment:Will be planned and offered individually according to your demands. Interior equipment is not included in standard purchase prices and will be offered separately.
Internal DimensionSmall version: 6.50m x 2.50 m offering interior height of 2.30 m. Large version: 8.00 m x 2.50 m offering interior height of 2.30 m.
BlindsNot included in standard equipment. If requested, blinds and / or insect screens can be installed.
Kitchen: (optional for Tiny House "Work")Not included in standard equipment. If requested, a kitchen made of solid wood can be installed, providing: single-handle faucet, electric heating, refrigerator and hot water boiler.
Woodstove:Not included in standard equipment. If requested, the large Tiny House version can also be equipped with a woodstove.
LengthThe lenght of Tiny Houses can be chosen from 6 or 10 meters.
Steering:An maintenance-free Ackermann steering guarantees stability of the Tiny House.
Sunblind:Not included in standard equipment. Sunblinds can be installed on request.
Satellite Range:Not included in standard equipment. Satellite range can be installed on request. Necessary cable network is installed.
Terrace: (optional for Tiny House "Work")Not included in standard equipment. The outdoor terrace is made of weatherproof impregnated wood at a size of 3.50 x 2.00m including steely stairs at the side.
Canopy:Not included in standard equipment. A removable canopy can be installed on request.
Hot Water: (optional for Tiny House "Work")Not included in standard equipment. If orded, the entire Tiny House is provided by an electric boiler (20 liters, 220V) or by an instant water heater.
Please note: The overview is a brief summary of construction, equipment and facilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We are happy to assist you in planning your personal house.
Purchase Price List of green-caravaning Tiny Houses
 Net PriceGross Price
Tiny House "Living" (small model)62,184.87 €74,000.00 €
Tiny House "Living" (large model)73,949.58 €88,000.00 €
Tiny House "Workplace" (small model)61,344.54 €73,000.00 €
Tiny House "Workplace" (large model)71,428.57 €85,000.00 €
Tiny House "Leisure" (small model)56,302.52 €67,000.00 €
Tiny House "Leisure" (large model)65,546.22 €78,000.00 €
Small Model = overall dimension 7m x 3m x 3,6 m | Large Model = overall dimension 8,5m x 3m x 3,6 m.
All prices include all standard features shown the feature list and are to be understood ex works as well as plus delivery costs, transportation costs, customs and insurances according to our General Conditions. Gross prices include 19 % VAT (Germany).
Benefits and features different from our standard feature list and individually ordered services are not included in the prices above.